Treasure Skull Collection by Aaron Miller

Created by Aaron Miller

Pre-order enamel pins, brooches, and pendants from the campaign. very limited inventory will be available once the campaign has been fulfilled.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

If you're a Magic fan you might like these Foil Tokens.
30 days ago – Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 06:13:12 PM

Thanks for supporting me in the past I wanted to reach out to my fans to let you know I have a new campaign for foil tokens to really bling out your collection. (If you've already pledged thanks and I love you for it!)

We're close to the goal and I'd love to see it get crushed and open up the opportunity to unlock some stretch goals.

The foil packs also make fantastic gifts for any birthdays and the holidays later this year. You're going to love these!

Thanks for all your support.


Production Home Stretch
5 months ago – Wed, Oct 02, 2019 at 03:36:12 PM

I've had a few bumps with production but everything is smoothing out. I expect to have all completed survey orders shipped by the end of the month.


I ran into a bump in production here. David ran out of some of the gems and the order to replace them took a little longer than planned. But, all the remaining pendants are on their way to me and should be in the mail once I get back from Utrecht mid-October.

Precious Metal Pendants

This project had a bit more serious of a bump as the shipping carrier lost the package going to the casting foundry. OK, that a major bump. Olivia has been not only trying to get the package tracked down, but forged ahead with a new sculpt. And production should zoom ahead in the next week.

beginning stages of a sculpt out of wax.
almost final sculpt.

Upcoming Events

This month I'll be at Magic Fest Utrecht and IlluxCon. If you'll be at either stop by.

Pendants and Brooches
5 months ago – Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 12:53:45 PM

Hi folks,

Just wanted to send out a shipping update. I should be getting an order of the pendants in within a day or so. And another shipments early next week with all the brooches. Then expecting one last shipment of pedants soon after.

The silver pendants are taking a little longer than expected. But Olivia is looking into the hold up. I expect it to get sorted out shortly and have news of those pendants as well.

There's just a teeny handful of you that have not filled out your survey. Please let me know if you need a link.


Where's my Stuff! By The Numbers
6 months ago – Sun, Sep 01, 2019 at 09:57:37 AM

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I just wanted to catch up with you all on the details of where things are at in production.

By the Numbers

  • 65 - items shipped (or shipping soon) to backers
  • 23 - backers waiting for at least one item for shipping
  • 7 - incomplete surveys

These are great numbers to have so far. Over 2/3 shipped. I had hoped all of the larger pendants and brooches would have been completed and shipped but the sculptor ran into a few issues and will complete everything in the next two weeks post DragonCon. And the silver pendants are being made and I'm expecting word any day now that they are complete and being shipped to me.

If you haven't completed your survey please do. 4 of you could have your items in the mail on Tuesday.

Commander Playmats

If anyone plays the Commander format for Magic the Gathering I now have some playmats just for you.

Here's how it can be used if the concept is new to you.

Official Magic the Gathering Playmat Pre-order Shop

I've created a place for those folks wanting a favorite card image of mine on a playmat. I have to order a minimum of 50 and that's a few too many to order on a whim. So, I've made this pre-order shop so a group of people can make a playmat order happen. Only 20 pre-orders are need.

the 8 playmats available

Pin tiers - fill out that survey
6 months ago – Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 02:07:05 PM

The stickers came in!

I've already shipped about 20 packages. If you're a $9 or $20 tier and you complete your survey I can ship out package before I leave for GP Vegas.

I've reached out to my artisans about the pendants and brooches to get a delivery estimate. I can't wait to ship those and see you guys sharing photos of you wearing them. I will lock in those orders when I know they are being shipped to me.

Thanks everyone!